Donation Transparency

Our policy on political donations is straight forward. 

Firstly, we are happy to accept donors, not owners.

If you support what we stand for, your donation is very welcome to help get the message across to as many voters as possible and of course help fund election campaigns.

Secondly, the current federal rules on transparency and donations are clearly inadequate. Political parties often create other entities as a front to funnel funds into - which in itself lacks transparency. We don’t and won't do that.

Thirdly, the timing of donation disclosures as required by federal law is woeful. Currently a donation of over $13,200 (the threshold amount for disclosure) means it can take up to 20 months before the public knows about larger donations.

Click here to view published Australian Electoral Commission returns for all political parties.

We believe the approach to take is to disclose such donations, including gifts-in-kind, within 30 days. 

Donations, including gifts-in-kind, over $13,200 for the current Financial Year 2016-2017:


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