Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers to frequently asked questions directed to Nick and and the team are posted here. If you would like to ask a question, click here to send us an email.


Q. Must Nick Xenophon Team elected members always vote with Nick?

A. All elected members believe in taking a common-sense approach to politics and strongly support our policy principles - including Predatory Gambling, Australian Made and Government & Corporate Accountability. The strength of having like-minded people working together is that it will lead to more good ideas and policies for the benefit of Australians. So yes, all elected members work as one team and their vote will be guided by the spelt out policy principles. On issues not covered in our policy statements, we’ll work together to achieve a fair, like minded consensus.

Q. Will NXT run candidates in future state and federal elections?

A. Senate candidates will be run in all states when the next federal election is called. Nick Xenophon Team is a federally registered political party and is unable to field candidates in state elections. In states where our membership numbers meet the minimum requirement to form a state registered party, upon formation, this new party will field state election candidates. The minimum membership numbers currently required under state legislation for political party registration are: SA - 200, WA - 500, VIC - 500, TAS - 100, NSW - 750, QLD - 500.


Q. It is often reported that the party is against penalty rates, particularly for nurses. Why is this?

A. We are NOT anti-penalty rates for nurses, doctors, or any other shift worker, or any employee that works overtime or non-standard hours. There is only one group of employer - small businesses - where we have previously stated the current pay rate on a Sunday is stifling employment. In SA for example, the penalty rate was 150% when 7-day trading commenced. At this time substantially more small businesses chose to open. The NXT position, modified after much consultation, is to support the independent umpire the Fair Work Commission. Click to view our Penalty Rates Policy Principle.


Q. Is Senator Xenophon an independent Senator or a party leader - or both?

A. Both. Nick is not a puppet to left or right leaning ideology. He is an independent thinker who looks at issues on their merits and has a solid record of working with all parties to arrive at the best and fairest outcome. His formal position in NXT is that of Convener. He is a convener of like-minded people who will take a common-sense approach to politics.

Q. Why does Nick support the Greens and Labor more than any other party?

A. Nick has a very balanced voting history. He takes a common-sense centrist approach and will support any legislative change that is sound and sensible. Since being elected in 2013 until Oct 2015 he has voted 136 times with the Liberal government and 128 times with the Labor opposition.


Q. Does the NXT support giving automotive companies future subsidies? How will the NXT deal with policy differences, such as that between Mr Griff and Senator Xenophon over this issue?

A. We are 100% supportive of assisting key industries with a smart targeted approach that leads to a net benefit in economic growth. The automotive industry is such an industry, particularly for South Australia and Stirling Griff and Nick Xenophon are in furious agreement on this. They are united in the belief that all forms of assistance/incentives should be directed to those businesses that produce, or are able to produce, innovative products that people want and technologies that benefit the economy and community. Stirling has a particular view that government support should come via a rebate off the end-user purchase price, which Nick believes is definitely worth looking at.

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