Climate Change & Energy

Action is required to reduce carbon emissions and our reliance on fossil fuels and inefficient forms of energy generation. Australia is uniquely placed to embrace renewable energy resources. Government at all levels must play an integral role in leading a best-practice approach. It is about being smart and efficient for the benefit of the planet.

We support a 50% renewable (electricity only) target by 2030.

Examples of what needs to be done: 

  • Have an efficient and effective emissions trading scheme (ETS) based on world's best practice
  • Australia needs to quickly move toward a cleaner and more affordable energy future. This will involve reduced reliance on economically unsustainable technologies
  • Government policies need to facilitate innovative and job creating energy industry opportunities through research, adoption, education and manufacturing of new technologies 

  • Australian energy resources should be available to Australians before being available for sale to the rest of the world. An allocation for domestic use prior to export would also help lower the cost of energy for consumers 

  • Australian tax payer funded research into renewable energy and climate change needs to be made more easily available to Australian industry to ensure our competitive advantage in these areas is fostered 

  • The importation of substandard and unsafe products related to renewable energy and or climate change must be curtailed
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