Our vision is realising the full potential of education in Australia to propel all learners to be the best that they can be now and in the future so they can further their individual aims and assist in lifting Australia’s competitiveness and innovation.

We support transforming schooling to drive a new era of development and growth across the full range of expectations for 21st Century learning. We support building upon the strengths of our schools and driving and amplifying leading edge research driven teaching in Australia.

Children should have the best start for learning through quality early childhood experiences that nurture and develop the whole child.

Examples of what needs to be done:

  • Implement and fully fund Gonski to address the inadequate and piecemeal approach to funding for our schools. Currently schools in South Australia receive less Federal Government funding than if they were in any other state or territory. If this funding inequity continues, South Australian independent school students will receive on average $400 less in funding each year, increasing each year from 2017 compared to students in other states. This funding discrimination against South Australian schools and their students must be reversed as a matter of urgency.
  • Further support for students with special learning needs including students with disability and high achievers.
  • All Year 7 students in South Australia should receive the same amount of Federal Government funding as Year 7 students in other states. Year 7 students in South Australia receive less Commonwealth Government funding per year than students in other states and territories. This is because the federal government funds them at the primary school student rate even though all Year 7 students in Australia now use the Australian Curriculum.
  • A Senate inquiry into Australia’s education system, with a particular focus on best practice in teach and learning and how this can be supported by Government funding.
  • Tie education funding to practical educational outcomes so that students of all ages and socio-economic statuses have the best opportunity to achieve their potential and goals
  • Maintain university fee regulation to ensure students from all backgrounds are able to access higher education as a way to address socioeconomic disparity
  • Place greater emphasis on trade, work-ready and entrepreneurial courses from years 10+
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