Predatory Gambling

Targeted gambling reform is required. We have the world’s highest per capita gambling losses and level of problem gambling. Our governments are totally out-of-touch with the overwhelming community desire to rein in the damage caused. 

Examples of what needs to be done: 

  • With pokies being the biggest cause of problem gambling, the immediate implementation of the Productivity Commission’s recommendation for $1 maximum bets per spin and $120 in hourly losses (compared to $10 per spin and $1200 an hour) is required
  • Challenge the major parties to conduct a referendum on implementing $1 maximum bet reforms.
  • Ensure the Productivity Commission regularly updates its gambling research
  • End micro-betting on sports events, which can lead to corruption and match fixing in sports 
  • Remove ATMs from venues with poker machines
  • Reinstate ban on EFTPOS access in SA poker machine rooms
  • Overhaul outdated online gambling laws, to take into account the impact of emerging technologies
  • End sports betting ads during games
  • The Commonwealth needs to develop an approach to wean state governments off their $5billion a year of gambling taxes
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